Raised Garden Beds

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Raised garden beds are used today to avoid vegetables and other plants from growing in soil that contains potentially harmful contaminants. These garden beds are raised boxes where the only soil contained in them, is the soil which you place there and so is clean and free from dangerous contaminants. Obviously the soil that you add will not contain vital nutrients needed for healthy growth and so you will also have to add those and as the soil in these types of beds seems to dry up faster than in ground soil, they will need to be watered more frequently. Unlike garden planters these beds have no bottom and so later, when the plants have grown and have become stronger, less susceptible to harmful contaminants; they can spread their roots into the ground soil where they will benefit from the natural nutrients that it possesses.

Although people do make their own raised garden beds from wood, most people prefer to buy plastic garden beds. If you opt to make your own from wood, it is advisable to use a cedar as that has its own protection from rotting and so will last much longer than most other woods. The size of the beds is personal choice, including how deep you make them. If you buy a bed, it will be available in a variety of depths ranging from 6 inches to 36 inches but the most commonly used is one that is 11 inches in depth. Usually 11 inches allows adequate soil for the healthy growing of your vegetables but some people prefer to have deeper ones as they can sit on their side and make it easier for carrying out different tasks like weeding.

As our planet continues to become increasing more contaminated with an assortment of toxic and other potential harmful contaminants, the quality of the soil also becomes increasingly contaminated and so an ever increasing number of people are resorting to the use of raised garden beds to ensure that the vegetables that they grow are healthy and good to eat. Even if currently, your soil in the area where you live is contaminant free, there is no telling how long it will stay that way and so if you have any concerns at all, you should perhaps consider making or buying a raised garden bed. There are of course disadvantages to raised garden beds but as these are limited to having to water more frequently and having to pay for the soil you use, the advantages far outweigh them. Some people, even though they live in an area where the soil is good, choose to use raised garden beds as they can add character to a garden and yet require little extra work. Once a raised garden bed has been placed in position and it is placed correctly, it can remain there for a long time, especially if it is made from plastic.

As contamination is the biggest concern for people that buy these raised garden beds, the manufacturers do not add to the problem; they use recycled plastic.

Pond Aeration Information: Essential Information You Should Know

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All over the world, countless people have made it possible to create their own pond especially in the premise of their homes. These ponds are great because they add up to the overall beauty and appeal of a particular house. This is especially true when they are built in front or in any portion of your house compound. For sure, your friends will find your home to be even more appealing and interesting because you have a pond to entertain them. This is especially true when it is teeming with different kinds of fishes.

However, you have to take note that ponds are not just like any other home enhancement that can be left in the open without tending it time after time. Of course, you need to clean them too and feed the fishes that live in it. But have you ever thought of removing the cause why your pond is starting to show unwanted things such as foul smell, algae blooms and the growth of different kinds of aquatic plants which are not in any way invited inside your pond?
If you happened to see such growths and smell foul odor at the same time, your pond is in trouble, indeed. This is because your pond is exposed to the various elements in the environment and over time, matters that have entered it will decompose. The process of decomposition encourages the increase of carbon dioxide level. Because of this, the growth of algae and other aquatic plants including foul smell become evident. But with a little help from a trusted source of pond aeration information, you will be able to counter these things that can potentially harm your pond.

The Process of Aeration
Aeration is a process wherein your pond is subjected with the introduction of oxygen. Basically, someone who does the aeration process make use of a special kind of system wherein the process is to be made. And of course, certain kinds of aeration products are to be used in order to come up with an effective aeration system. When oxygen is introduced to the water, this will effective reduce the level of carbon dioxide, thus stopping and lessening the growth of unwanted algae and aquatic plants.

Pond Aeration Information: The Benefits of Aeration
pond aeration information There are plenty of benefits that you will surely get when you introduce aeration to your pond. These benefits include the following:
• Improves overall quality of water
• Decreases the growth of algae blooms
• Speeds up the decomposition of organic matters
• Prevents wither kills due to low levels of oxygen
• Eliminates the effects of Fall and Spring turnover
• Fish density is increased

In order for you to enjoy these benefits, you need to take good care of your pond the best way possible. Ponds need to be aerated regularly so that any unwanted elements that tend to thrive in them will be eliminated. If you are looking for an effective place where you can find a good source of pond aeration information and products, take the time to visit Living Water Aeration today!

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