Choices in Office Furniture

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Due to new ergonomically better designs being introduced all the time, the choices available when looking for office furniture to buy, are far greater than they have ever been in the past. For that reason, when an office manager today, is asked to buy new furniture, they may want to ask the advice of the supplier in order to learn of what some of these new concepts are. Before an office manager makes the decision to purchase furniture they should first ensure that they are getting some that will promote the best efficiency from their office staff. Obviously ergonomically good desks and chairs can not only provide the staff with more comfort and therefore, hopefully better efficiency but, it can also lead to less sick days having to be taken off due to various aches and pains.

Often it is at the time when office furniture needs to be replaced, that a change in the design of the office can take place. Many times, new additional staff may be taken on in an office and all too frequently, the new staff member finds themselves having to work tucked away in a corner, on a make-do desk. When redesigning the position of the furniture, appropriate space may be found for the newcomers and perhaps even a space for yet another one if there is a need later. Many office managers today, have made the decision to place cubicles in their offices and for many, this has led to an increase in efficiency. The cubicle walls are not all one size and so they can either be cubicles that completely isolate each worker or, lower ones which although restrict them over spreading their work area, allows them to freely see their co-workers. As mentioned, cubicles can avoid certain workers from using too much space but they also afford all workers less distractions and clearer walking passages to the machinery which may be shared by all workers, such as printers or copiers.

Once the office manager, after consultation with the office furniture supplier, has decided on the arrangement of the office, they will then have to decide on the different desks which may be most suitable for each worker. A one desk fits all solution is often not the best for maximum efficiency as different tasks may be carried out by different workers and so the same design of desk may not be suitable for all. A good example of this would be that some tasks are best carried out whilst standing so, if an office manager has any of these tasks to be fulfilled, provision of at least one standing desk may be appropriate. A classic example of where a more specialised desk is required; is in the case of a receptionist. It is always best if a receptionist has a desk which is specifically designed for that purpose as, they are usually the ones that visitors first see and therefore get their first impression of the company from. A professional and efficient desk therefore gives that same impression of the company.

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