Move or Refurbish?

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This is one question that every growing company has had to answer, but before you browse the fitouts review section of your local paper, read on. The answer is complex and sometimes it can lead to bad decisions that can stun the growth of your outfit by many years. Remember that in order to keep an operation growing you always have to keep momentum going. So, how to make this decision. Well the first thing you should do is to think of your goals.

Why are you considering a new office or office space? This is a question of practicality but also a question that has to do with long term objectives. Are you concerned about your office space or location? Is your company outgrowing its space? Usually the answer to these questions will give you a clear path to follow. Since refurbishing is almost always the easier and cheaper path (not always though) getting a firm grip on the reasons for getting a new office space is very important.

If a new space is needed for a company is because the existing facilities are just not good enough. Some offices have stayed at the same location for a decade and the space has become outdated and even impractical. The distribution of the space is another concern. If you need new personnel and you are always having to cram everyone together, this will slow productivity down. But a new space or a new building will solve this problem.

Another thing to consider is that maybe your business is not expanding but downsizing or reorganizing. Companies that need less space are also faced with the decision whether or not to move or refurbish. A simple fitout review will not be enough to find answers to these questions. This opens up another alternative, which is to move into an already fit out office. That way you’ll avoid a lot of the necessary charges that moving will involve. However, there are pre own, ready to use offices that will always make you feel like a stranger and no amount of paint will make that feeling go away.

Yet another reason to factor into the equation is that your office is one of the major selling points of your business. If you are concerned that your image is too old fashioned and it’s costing you clients, then it is time to consider the question. A change of image can go with the refurbishing side of the plans though.

Now consider the expenses. It is not only a matter of picking up and move to a different location. There are a lot of things that you have to figure out. The first thing is: Will your business be ok if you take off a few weeks? If not, how can you organize things so that you make up for the time or keep working while you make the move on to a different location.

The first step towards a decision is to examine your current situation, why is it that you want to move in the first place? Factor this into a plan that includes a detail budget and you’ll have your answer. Then you can start looking at the fitout review section of your newspaper.

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