The New Way to Spin

Spinning has always been fascinating to people whether it is them spinning or if it is something else that spins but the new way of spinning is with fidget spinners that spin between your fingers as you touch them. Containing ball bearings the fidget spinners are ready to start spinning as you touch them and will keep spinning as you hold them. By holding these spinning devices between your fingers it is said that it will or at least can, improve your powers of concentration and although not yet proven, many people are trying them in their offices or classes to see if they do in fact help them to concentrate. Students are so far saying that yes they do but that is causing some controversy between them and their teachers who have a different opinion. The teachers do agree that the spinners may help the students to concentrate but they point out that the visual distraction more than outweighs the gains made by better concentration. At some point there will probably be made a national ruling about the spinners in classrooms but until then it would appear that teachers or schools will have to make their own rulings regarding their use in their classrooms.

It has also been said that the spinners stop people from tapping the desk or fidgeting in any other manner which is true but there are also claims that spinners can help with the mobility of the hands, even in cases where a disorder of some kind hampers that mobility. As of this time there is no medical proof to support this claim but am sure that studies will soon be carried out to determine if the claims are true or not. As far as the use of spinners in classrooms is concerned there has been a suggestion made which could provide a solution to the controversy. The suggestion is that in classrooms, not spinners but fidget cubes be allowed. A fidget cube works in a similar way as a spinner but does not have the visual distraction that a spinner does and so could improve concentration without also being a distraction.

Fidget spinners have been available since 2016 and so now there are plenty of different types available, the best probably being available from the Smooth Fidget website. It was the almost instant popularity of the spinners which resulted in there being so many different ones available today and what also has contributed to their popularity is that people are devising tricks which can be done with them and having done so, showing videos of the tricks on YouTube. If these gadgets do improve concentration though it is possible that they will keep increasing in popularity as more and more people start to take them to work or to school and so we can probably expect to see a lot more different types appearing in the shops through the course of 2017 and 2018 but like everything else, will probably start to lose their popularity after that.

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